Emma Marshall is the creator of Movement is Medicine, a method that uses various forms of movement to connect the mind and the body.

The origins of Movement is Medicine came about after Emma’s own serious health journey. After years of health problems, Emma's body crashed in 2019 and she was seriously ill, with no answers from western medicine, she had to look at other options. 

After a year of intense treatment which sent her to a hospital in Mexico, left her unable to walk at points and trying as many  alternative medicine modalities from around the world to heal, Emma had to spend time rebuilding her mind and body from the ground up.

Due to the damage that had been done to her physical body, she wasn’t able to exercise in ways that she had done before she got sick, but most days she didn’t have the energy to leave the house. So, she gave herself a challenge to dance every single day no matter what, even for just a few minutes.

Emma took great interest in the connection between the mind and the body, holistic practices, alternative therapies and ancient theory and philosophy about the connection between mental and physical health. Most of her research was to empower her own journey of recovery, but she would also share her discoveries with her clients and they also received great benefits from what she was teaching.

She started posting videos of herself dancing in her living room and kitchen on Instagram and was asked to do a challenge to encourage people to get up and moving in their homes during the pandemic.

She created the 30 Day Movement is Medicine challenge, curated a playlist for people to access and dance to and got people from all over the world up and moving in February 2021. This grew into a worldwide movement of people using dance with clear intention and trauma informed teachings to help them release, regulate and come back into their body.

She created the Movement is Medicine class in February 2021 and has taught it ever since.

She lived in Mexico working and studying the ancient knowledge behind these practices. Using a combination of world music, electronic music and tribal music from Central and South America, Africa and the Middle East, Emma fuses together this ancient healing modality with the modern world.

Emma believes that the issues that society faces today are created due to a disconnect from self, from community and from the planet due to unresolved mental, emotional and physical stress and trauma. With the right tools people can work through this disconnection by working with their physical body to create release - which in turn impacts the mind as well. During this process connection is re-established, which in turn impacts every area of health and wellbeing - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.