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Movement is Medicine Facilitators 

Meet The MIM Crew!

I've been practicing MIM for 2 years now, and it's become a place of freedom and safety where no matter what I’m going through, I can always remember who I am. I've connected with so many different parts of myself and that's allowed me to (radically) take up more space, joyfully and without shame.


As a performer and theatre practitioner, I've always had a passion for the therapeutic qualities of dance and performance practices. I have an MA distinction in Applied Performance (community arts in social, political and educational settings), so leading workshops to explore authentic expression is a skill I love to nurture. My education has focussed a lot on trauma-informed approaches to facilitation, which MIM training has expanded through centring the nervous system's ability to regulate and release.


I love sharing this knowledge and experience with others because it's truly such a simple yet powerful gift. I'm so excited to bring my softness, openness and joyful energy to the way I teach. 

See you in the dance!



Madalena Miles (she/her)


Miranda Grace 


Jemma Manning


Alexandra Smith

I’ve always Loved dancing and used to rave a lot in my 20’s, without realising what I was looking for on the dancefloor was actually release. I've always been curious about self-development and being human.


A qualified yoga and meditation teacher I spent 4 years in a tantra cult. Now on my recovery journey I want to use my experiences and knowledge to help others.  Movement is Medicine was the perfect trauma-informed practice for me and most importantly doing it brings me JOY.


I’m a mentor, teacher and Shamanic/Tao-tantra healer based in Oxfordshire and London.

The Movement is Medicine method has been instrumental in guiding me back to the Jemma I was before trauma. I’ve connected with myself on a deeper level than I knew possible, it's been a gentle yet electrifying journey of self love.

MIM is essential to me for my regulation, my joy, my release, my ability to navigate through life from a grounded present place

with compassion.

As a mum of two young free spirited boys life can often feel like we need time to put the breaks on and regulate. Whether it’s for myself on a personal level or for us collectively it’s the perfect fun way to bring us back down to earth.

I knew from my first session that this was my calling, to share the positivity and love that the method has created for me. Everyone deserves to experience MIM. 


Making people feel safe, sharing my love and energy is my thing so becoming a practitioner has been a natural journey for me.

I can't wait to dance with you!

Alexandra is a proud Northern pocket rocket who loves to travel and move her body. 

Originally trained in NYC as an actress, before returning home and retraining as a PT she’s always known the power of movement on a deep cellular level, especially when living with a chronic condition you really learn to make the most of your body on your good days. She believes and is so passionate in educating others on their movement, mental and mensural health! 

Alexandra is delighted to have be mentored by Emma, who opened her eyes to even more neuroscience, indigenous wisdom and banging playlist! 

Find her on Instagram @flarelessfemale

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