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Summer Teacher Training is now open!

The next Movement is Medicine teacher training commencing June 7th for 7 weeks via Zoom.

Come and join the other MIM students to teach this work around the world to your own community.

We currently have have students from the UK, USA, Caribbean, Europe, Asia - this is a global movement.

To apply please click the link below to start your application process and we will be in touch with all the info 



Teacher training gave me so much power in knowledge, resources and wisdom. It has filled me with confidence as it is a safe container to explore and experiment with myself as a facilitator and guide. I feel supported and accountable to a community of like-minded people, which has added to my sense of purpose. I feel inspired and seen for my uniqueness, which is a rare and beautiful experience.

Mady, London


Personally I thought music was a way to escape, putting tunes on to match my mood , I didn’t realise I was using it to help me really tune in to what my body was telling me, what feelings I was truly feeling and then what to do with them, to move. I was profoundly changed after my first class - I can remember so much of that class - I was hooked - I had found something very intuitively created based on science, indigenous teachings and music. All delivered by Emma who has only been able to create such a method through her own journey of healing. I did the training firstly for myself and my son but now I’m so excited to share this with my community, I am confident of all its benefits and how to deliver and provide the tools, we will be a healthier society thanks to this method, that I know. During the MIM training I had so many Penny drop moments, it all of a sudden made so much sense. I now truly understand why I feel what I feel and how to move it. That’s truly the key, movement really is medicine.

Adele, East Sussex


Music and dance have always been instinctively a release and absolute love of mine, so exploring it on a deeper level has been incredible. Emma created such a safe space that myself and the other women have been on this journey of growth, self love and confidence together. The knowledge I’ve gained from the teacher training has been invaluable to myself and others around me. To have all the science of why this works and to be able to guide others through MIM is beautifully rewarding. I’m absolutely buzzing about this next chapter 
Jemma, Bristol 


Teacher training has given me a beautiful new outlook on life; allowing more compassion and understanding for not only other people I live and work with, but also for myself. It’s opened my eyes, provided actionable tools I’m using in my day to day life, reignited my passion for dancing and love for my body!

Alexandra, Cheshire


Teacher training has taught me how important it is to listen to our body, and how freeing it is coming out of your head and into the body. It also provided me with the tools for my ups and my down moments & in my everyday life. Keeping me grounded, keeping me feeling human with a splash of feeling happy & high! it’s given me an extra sparkle to my love of dance. And something to be able to bring people together in my community. By attending the teacher training it’s given my gift of wanting to help people an extra beautiful meaning. I also met the most beautiful and open, strong, supportive humans I’m so grateful to know and have in my life. 

Tillie, Basingstoke


Teacher training has been very empowering, it has given me a huge confidence boost. I did the training purely with this intention in mind but it has offered me much more than this. A greater sense of purpose, a supportive community, deeper insights on movement, music and body awareness. As someone who prior attached to the label of being ‘ungrounded’ and ‘spacey’ I now have the practical tools that I use as a part of my lifestyle that helps bring me back to body awareness. Forever grateful for Emma sharing all this information with us and also the best bangers! So grateful for taking the leap and saying YES to this opportunity. Very excited for what’s to come for the MIM community!

Ffion, Wales


Teacher training has given me the tools to safely come in and out of a trauma response- with movement backed with neuroscience.

It has, enabled me to safely hold space for others to safely feel and come into their bodies. To know their is true meaning in the culture I resonate with so deeply rave culture. It has been instrumental in kickstarting a brand new incredible chapter in my life and massively increased my confidence and which is visible in every area of my life. I am now surrounded by a beautiful blend of individuals, in which were we can soundboard and support one another.

Kemi, London


I am so glad i took the leap outside of my comfort zone and signed up for the teacher training. Understanding the MIM method from the inside out has given me back my power and sense of self, enabled deeper connection, body awareness and activated my joy in a way that is hard to put into words. Movement is medicine is not just a beautiful practice, it’s a lifestyle and will be with me forever. I’ve met an amazing group of women through the training and the support received from them all is unmatched. I am super excited for what’s to come next! Thank you Emma and MIM

Natasha, London

Completion requirements

Below are the requirements to receive the Certificate of Completion:


1. Attend 7 weeks online theory training 

2. Complete 15 hours of theory training in total 

3. Complete 9 weeks of personal practical Movement is Medicine sessions with Emma 

 4. Create your own pilot that Emma will approve 

How to stay certified as a Movement is Medicine Method Facilitator:


To stay certified as a Movement is Medicine Method Facilitator you'll need to pay a licensing fee to use the Movement is Medicine trademark, branding and to be featured on the site as a facilitator, as well as a collaborator on our Instagram page. 

Benefits of becoming a Verified Movement is Medicine Facilitator:

1. You'll get full use of the Movement is Medicine trademark and The Movement is Medicine Method branding.

2. You can refer to yourself as a 'Certified Movement is Medicine Method Facilitator / Teacher' or similar.

3. You can mention your certification on your website, CV, business cards, LinkedIn profile and other social media profiles. 

4. You'll continue to receive resources, support from Emma and the team.

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