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Teacher Training

Join Emma on a 7 week online course to learn the methodology behind The Movement is Medicine Method to deliver it to your own community. 

Emma will teach you the science, the ancient wisdom, trauma-informed education, space holding and all of the techniques used in MIM, as well as how to deliver the method effectively and safely to participants.

Upon completion of the course, you will receive a Certificate of Completion which will demonstrate that you are a certified facilitator of the method.


2023 Course Details

Course type: 

Online Movement is Medicine Teacher Training

Course Info:

Wednesday 1st March - 12th April

Every Wednesday 7pm 

2 Hours per session

Course location:

Online via Zoom

Tuition fees:


*Payment plans available please fill out the form below*



During this intensive programme, you will learn:


  • Nervous system education and regulation 

  • Trauma 

  • Stress 

  • The mind-body connection 

  • EFT tapping 

  • The Meridian System 101 

  • The Breath

  • Space Holding 

  • Safety in release

  • Embodiment 

  • Music as medicine 

  • Movement as medicine 

  • Ancient rituals from around the world connected to music and dance 

  • Support, mentorship and guidance 

  • Resources including playlists, scientific data, books + more

Completion requirements

Below are the requirements to receive the Certificate of Completion:


1. Attend all 7 weeks 

2. Complete 15 hours of theory training in total 

3. Complete 9 weeks of personal Movement is Medicine sessions with Emma 

 4. Create your own pilot that Emma will approve 

How to stay certified as a Movement is Medicine Method Facilitator:


To stay certified as a Movement is Medicine Method Facilitator you'll need to purchase a license post course completion that is £250 to use the Movement is Medicine trademark and become a member. You'll be hosted on this website as a facilitator

Benefits of becoming a Verified Movement is Medicine Facilitator:

1. You'll get full use of the Movement is Medicine trademark and The Movement is Medicine Method branding

2. You can refer to yourself as a 'Certified Movement is Medicine Method Facilitator' 

3. You can mention your certification on your website, CV, business cards, LinkedIn profile and other social media profiles. 

4. You'll continue to receive support and guidance from Emma

For any questions relating to payment, or course material, complete the form below

Thanks for your enquiry, we'll be in touch soon!

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