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Work With Emma 

Emma works with clients in various capacities; 1:1 consultancy, delivering talks, workshops on stress and using music and dance as methods to help support mental, physical and emotional health and of course teaching her method Movement is Medicine.


If you'd like to work with Emma in any capacity, click here to get in touch with your enquiry



What Clients Say

I will be forever thankful that I stumbled across Emma’s page and took the leap of faith to work with her. I am not the person I was all those months ago, or I am. Emma simply helped me discover who I really was by showing me how to remove those layers thrust upon me by society, our environment and unresolved trauma.

The first thing I want people to know is that she creates a space of complete safety. There is no judgement, no subject off limits, and she imparts wisdom and comes up with methods to help overcome and remove those things that are or have been blocking you. I have fallen in love with meditation, movement, embodiment and no longer feel fearful about what ‘could happen’. The tools she teaches are there with you for life; they are something to keep in your toolkit because they work!

This wonderful woman knows what she is talking about; in trusting her, I now trust myself again. I have discovered I am naturally more compassionate, less judgemental, less anxious, far more at peace and, consequently, this has had a positive effect on the relationships I have with people around me. I have never felt more self-love than I currently do because she has shown me how to remove past traumas that kept me stuck for so long.

If you are thinking about working with Emma, I can’t recommend her enough! She is a blessing to this world!

Once again, Emma, thank you. Your wisdom will stay with me for life.

- Beki 

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