"Tricky to put into words how I feel during and after MIM classes.


Calm, centered, warm, strong, and connected,


It just feels so good to listen to your body and move freely. I highly recommend this class to anyone who wants to release anxiety and have more loving thoughts towards themself.


Thank you Emma, feel blessed to have found your teachings "


- Chrissie C.💕

Emma I can’t thank you enough…

Every session I’ve done with you, every one of your Instagram post sharing nuggets of information and empowerment… 



Really my love I can’t thank you enough for creating such a safe space for us women to move so freely- I used to feel fairly free dancing in clubs ect which I know is a privilege really and probably caused some other issues but being able to move in such an empowered way- at home, being guided and feeling completely safe- this is what you are doing - truly empowering people- it’s amazing.

I swear tonight I was shaking from my absolute core it was mad but I felt safe enough to ride it out and let my body do what it needed, because of your teaching and support 🤍🤍🤍 

Thank you thank you thank you 😘


- Eleanor K

"Just want to express how much your classes have and continue to help me with unblocking stuck emotions and releasing them.


I totally feel and agree that Movement is Medicine alongside the fine tunes you also play.  It has also helped me with accepting myself without judgment in an unapologetic way.  I dance and move all the time now particularly when I get caught up in my head.  


My body thanks me and my cells and organs thank me for acknowledging them in such a gentle way. I feel I've so much more to give. So grateful to have found your page.  


Thank you 🙏💖🌻"


- Martina from Dublin 

Thank you so much for organizing that session it was amazing! I loved it and felt so relaxed right after, I learned that when we are stressed, we tend to go to our mind instead of going to our body and feel how we feel. The classed gave me unique tools to use now whenever I am facing a challenging situation, through movement I can bring myself back to centre and feel calmer. Loved it, thank you.

- Adobe Employee

Just wanted to say - thank you so much, the sessions have been so invaluable, and I've grown more in these 3 months than I have in 26 years of my life! I am a completely changed person to when I started and the work has been effective in ways no other therapy ever has been for me!

- Charlotte M

"I cannot describe just how empowering and freeing Emma's classes have been for me. I was 2-years recovering from a domestic violence situation that left me with PTSD and anxiety. I couldn't put on my camera for the first MIM class that I did, but something powerful shifted in me by the end of the somatic meditation at the second one. I felt so safe, which I hadn't done for so long.​


From there its just been unbelievably freeing. I am truly living in a state of joy, freedom and FLOW now, and have been consistently the last few months since becoming a member. And for an added bonus the classes are also so much fun and the tunes are a VIBBBBEEE. Emma is amazing and has created an amazing community as well as an amazing movement. Movement literally is Medicine."

- Dawn H.

I decided to work with Emma due to a number of things building up over the years that I couldn't quite shift, I knew something was off with my mind and body and couldn't quite figure out what it was. 8 years ago I was diagnosed with PTSD and depression after childbirth and was given a Pill and told to deal with it.


A few years later my digestion was all over the place and was poked and prodded for 2 years by doctors trying to figure out what was the cause - it turned out I had some intolerances to food however when on holiday I was able to eat these food groups with no stress to my body. I was constantly fatigued, depressed, anxious, nervous, stressed and I had had enough.

I realised through following Emma for some months on Instagram and listening to her content that my nervous system and my body was telling me something I just didn't know how to listen to it. This is when my journey with Emma started.....I was completely lost but knew I needed help to understand myself a lot better and more importantly know how to regulate my nervous system and listen to my heart and body more. Emma was so welcoming and warm on our first meeting and I felt so comfortable sharing my story with her. 

Over the course of 3 months, she taught me so many helpful tools for me to use on a daily basis, what I loved is that she really went into detail to explain why these tools help and how to use them. I have been putting some daily practices in place and giving my self-acceptance to look after myself a lot more without feeling guilty about it, I have a better relationship with myself, my family and friends and with understanding the 'why' I am able to let go of many pent up traumas and memories that were stuck for me. 


I can't thank Emma enough, she has literally changed my life,

I am definitely more content with who I am, I feel bolder, stronger and say what I want instead of just being in the backseat of life, even so, I have expanded my fitness business to incorporate meditation and mindfulness in my offering as it really is so powerful. I even now use some of the techniques Emma taught me on my son and it's having a really positive impact. 

It's not over yet I put the work into my self-healing daily as part of my ongoing journey to better myself and be an even stronger version of myself. 

Thank you Emma for all the advice, love and wisdom! I will be forever grateful 😍

- Anna S